Monday, March 30, 2009

Little 'tree of life'

Sprout Gallery is kind of changing direction slightly.

I hope to be updating the website soon to make allowances for a new greeting card line as well as framed and limited edition prints. Most prints however will still have some form of embellishment to make each one unique.

At the moment I am still experimenting with frames etc and busy trying to work out which ones will enhance the artwork.

The above prints are some of the work that will be coming to Sprout Gallery.

As for the canvases, well, I just had to have time off. The lure of my greeting card and prints was too strong and the constant orders (which was very much appreciated) became too overwhelming hence I never had time to update the website with new artwork etc. I was time poor and unable to keep up.

I apologise for the quality of the photos for this post.


Rachael said...

Why Hello there!
Thanks for following my blog.
It has given me the chance to pop into your blog to find out more about you and your beautiful work!
I'm about to head over to have a look at your grown up paintings!
I will add both blogs to our Designers Emporium Blog roll too...

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I've just been strolling through your blog and admiring all your gorgeous artwork. Love it!

Fiona Taylor said...

Your artwork is divine...what an eye for the absolutely delightful you have!

Ruby Lime design said...

Those prints are great Michelle, they really look gorgeous. Good luck with them. Looking forward to seeing the greeting cards!!

Beach Vintage said...

Wow, just discovered your blog. Your work is wonderful. Thanks for commenting on the blog. I love these trees.