Monday, May 3, 2010

Stepping outside...

Some nice pictures of front porches / verandahs. Enjoy!
My favourite is the above one. Our front verhandah is very similar to this one with the french doors leading out. I like the idea of the white side table with knick knacks and the rattan stools perched underneath. I can't remember where I got this image from.

our back verandah


Amanda said...

I love that first image! Such a lovely verandah. I'd love an outdoor area like that. Your back verandah looks great too - would love to see more photos.

Also, you just won the giveaway on my blog! Can you please let me know your address so I can send it to you - you can email me at

A-M said...

Oh I'm a sucker for a good verandah. That blue coastal living one gets me in the heart every time. A-M xx