Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bottles and jars

We love bottles and jars at home filled with weeds that look like flowers.
I love seeing Miss B proudly come up the stairs with a handful of what she see's as 'real treasures.' There is something sweet and rustic about jars and bottles blocked together with flowers from your garden.

Miss b & Me


chair up said...

Jars and bottles certainly are a versatile decorating item. You have found some gorgeous pictures to illustrate this.

Kerri said...

Fresh and pretty and unpretentious - in other words, just perfect! K xx

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such a nice comment!

Love all of these photos! So pretty! I've always loved decorating with old bottles.. I think my oldest is a small lysol bottle with the cork intact & has a small amount of Lysol still in the bottle!

I've signed up to follow your blog.. I'll be back to visit again soon!

Big Hugs ~ Teresa

DesignTies said...

When I was a kid, I'd pick flowers from people's gardens on my way home from school and give them to my mom. I guess technically that was stealing -- much better to pick pretty weeds from fields!!

Love all the pictures you've posted. There's just something so charming about a simple flower arrangement or a single bloom in a bottle :-)

Thanks for stopping by DesignTies and becoming a follower :-)


P.S. Love your blog name!!

millie said...

Hello,I'm new here on this blog,and I like what I see...
I have numberous bottles and jars-and their main purpose is what you've shown in this post. It looks rustic,and so natural...that's why I love decorations like that

Amanda said...

I just love that first image!! It's going straight into my inspiration folder. I'd love to craete a little display like that somewhere in our home.