Monday, October 11, 2010

Sea shells in jars

unknown source

my collection
(looks smaller than what it actually is)

(I know these aren't in jars but I love them all the same)

I just adore seashells in jars. The more the better. I have really only started my collection in the last year or so. Crazy when you think I lived by the beach for three years and had many an opportunity to start back then. For my birthday recently I was given some really lovely shells. My first round jar is full so I will be starting another one shorty.



Hi Michelle, those jars look great and I love the shell screen. Hope everything is OK with your computer, Lisa

Tina said...

I love these images, Michelle! Enjoy filling your next jar with shells. Hope you have a fabulous week ~ Tina x

Paper Tree Design said...

Hi Michelle, love the look of the coral under the domes. Hope you are having a great week. Michelle