Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wooden crates


I have these old soft drink crates that I bought from the Box King back in the nineties when we couldn’t afford decent bedside tables.
They have been gathering dust for several years now because I didn’t really know where to put them. Painting them white has entered my mind but on my ‘to do’ list of painting furniture these boxes are at the bottom.
I was thinking of putting them in the bathroom – one crate on top of the other - when I saw this first image. Mine are slightly different but this is definitely worth experimenting with.
Keep you posted.


Mimi said...

Love the crates especially in the bathroom. Mimi x

Paper Tree Studio said...

Didn't know you were hiding them! Yes, please bring them out and show us what you do with them. Michelle

Gindora Dux Deluxe said...

I love the rustic effect crates have on spaces. Now the big question is....where does one get crates like this!!!