Sunday, November 13, 2011

Genoa chairs before and after

We finally got our Genoa arm chairs back from the upholsterer and they look amazing.
They were my mother-in-laws who at 82 years of age says they are the only chairs she remembers as a young girl in her mother's house - so do the calculations on their age...
It's so nice to have something handed down and they are incredibly comfortable.
We went for a really clean classic look.
I so wanted to be brave and choose a print but knew deep down that if I went plain I could pop a punch with a nice cushion or something and not tire of the fabric.
We ended up choosing a lovely neutral colour with a hint of linen in the fabric and a off white piping trim.
For the time being I used the painting I had done previously and added a hint of red into the canvas using elements from the cushions. I think it looks O.K but I do have a very nice painting in mind. I just need to find the time.



Mimi said...

They look amazing. I am with you I love having something that means a lot to you and your family. Mimi xx

Just Martha said...

They do look amazing! Sort of a modern look to a gorgeous timeless piece....

Anonymous said...

Hey ... Lovely chairs! I have one that I was hoping to recover in a similar manner ... Thanks for the inspiration ; )