Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ye old rustic laundry

Our laundry is a little drab, downstairs and out of the way so it's easy to use it as a dumping ground. With so many other things to spend one's money on in terms of renovating; the poor laundry will be one of the last things to get an overhaul. However I am partial to the old striped laundry skirt to hide a multitude of mess so I got cracking on the old sewing machine and purchased a few cute little tin buckets etc. Some of the above images are of kitchens but you get the idea. The focus is on the tub skirt.
Mine is the bottom laundry.

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Amanda said...

What a great idea to hide things away under the laundry sink. we have a cupboard underneath ours but part of me wishes it wasn't there so I could do something like you've done - it looks great!!