Friday, July 2, 2010

The &&&&&&

Today I thought I would post about a little symbol that has always intrigued me - mainly because there are so many wonderful variations. 
The Ampersand &&&&& 

Long before computers made our lives easier in the graphic art department we use to spend hours specifying type. We'd painstakingly measure our type (in ems) before sending it off to a typesettter. A change to artwork really was a major thing. The art studio where I worked as a little junior got word (excuse the pun) that I could type (rather quickly in those days) and set about buying a rather expensive typesetting machine. Hence I became the art studio's adopted typesetter. Ugh! Thank goodness computers arrived a year later (1990). Anyhow, I love ampersands (&) and my favourite font is Century Gothic.


Paper Tree Design said...

I love the ampersand too! Ahh, before computers ... those were the days. Have a great weekend. Michelle

laura said...

this is a lovely post! I love the images! I do love your blog too, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!
Hugs, Laura xx

Norwaystyle said...

Thanks for your nice comment. I love your blog :-).

brismod said...

It is strange to think about life before computers. I still remember buying an electric typewriter to do my Uni assignments. Anyway, I love your focus on the ampersand.