Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Window seats

Oh how I love window seats (bay windows).
Next week we have a very nice man coming to look at overhauling our inbuilts and repainting our master bedroom. I am hoping to persuade my husband to revamp the bay window. Presently it houses nine drawers which I hate. I would like it to go back to its former glory as a window seat. I know my husband is being practical wanting the nine drawers but I really feel aesthetics over rides practicality even if we are somewhat
short of storage space :)
I put together these little pictures (to show him) to help my case. If anyone has any other links or sites where there are good window / bay seats please let me know.



Rosebud and Bluebells said...

I am so obsessed with window seats too. I would love so much to have one in this house but I don't know whether it will happen. Thanks for this post. i look forward to hearing if you convince your hubby to revamp your bay window.
Donna xx

laura said...

Wow, what lovely window seats! much better than drawers for sure!!
Laura currie xx

Paper Tree Design said...

I love, love, love window seats! I particularly like the first 3 images - they are going straight to the scrapbook! I am hoping to put window seats in my children's bedrooms when we build/reno our next house. Hope your having a great week. Michelle

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I ADORE windowseats. These are so so lovely, love love white and blue together.
Wishing you a wonderful Thursday and sweet dreams for now. xx

Mara said...

Hi LOVE window seats! I really would love to have one, but in my new home there's no space for any...sigh!