Friday, August 13, 2010

Eclectic dining

My favourite dining look has to be white table and white chairs or just white chairs and beat up table or beat up old white chairs and new table - get the idea. I like dining chairs that don't match the table and I do like a table that's been beat and used - almost like the table has been privy to so many dinner conversations and family settings that it has a story all of its own.
When we get our act together we hope to bring over my mum's old farm kitchen table from when she was a girl. I have in mind some nice white replica eames chairs just like the top image.


McCarthy Designs said...

I agree with you, I love furniture that looks like it has been used. It has history and tells a story! Have a great weekend. xx

Nattie said...

I love the bench type dining! though I have similar bench for my outdoor furniture, definitely not very comfy to sit for a long time. Agreed, love the eames chair!

Paper Tree Design said...

Definitely love the first image with its retro vibe. As you already know I adore placing old pieces with new pieces giving a room personality and less of a 'showroom' look. Great images Michelle. Hope you had a happy Tuesday, and everyone is feeling better at your place. Michelle

Chic Little Shop said...

Just found your blog. Lovely collection of the images. I love white. Thank you for the inspiration!



Great images! Love the white restyled furniture. Rooms can look so vibrant with a simple colour scheme and furniture that has a story to tell. Have fun, Lisa